MESA, Ariz. — A pair of baby javelinas found themselves in quite the predicament. Fortunately, a Mesa fire crew was there to rescue them after they fell through a storm grate. 

The Mesa Fire and Medical Department tweeted a video Monday afternoon showing two fire firefighters holding two young javelinas. 

"They're so freaking cute," one firefighter is heard saying.  

The fire department tweeted they worked with Arizona Game and Fish and The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center to "help the orphaned reds."

"Such collaborations make it possible for us to better serve our community," the post said.  

AZGFD officials encourage people not to feed javelinas or other wildlife. While the babies are extremely cute and cuddly adult javelinas have been known to be aggressive --- especially when it comes to food. 

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The medium-sized pig-like hoofed mammals are often seen in neighborhoods sniffing out an easy meal. 

In October, a Tucson woman was bitten by a javelina after she'd been feeding the animal table scraps.

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