Sometimes on 12 Today we have important community figures. Sometimes we have cute animals. On Wednesday we had cute animals who are important community figures at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park.

Two of the zoo's African pygmy hedgehogs, Harley Quill and Poker, joined Paul, Emma and Vanessa on the 12 Today set.

Batman fans will especially enjoy their names; others will enjoy how adorable these two little babies are. But these two are more than just cute faces.

According to Kristy Morcom from the Wildlife World Zoo, the 12-week-old hedgehogs are already becoming ambassadors for their species.

"We're getting them used to the public and being handled because we are going to use them for educational purposed," Morcom said.

Morcom said hedgehogs are known for their spikes, which are actually just modified hairs attached to their body. But they're not born with them. Baby hedgehogs begin developing spikes within the first couple of hours after birth. A mature hedgehog can have up to 5,000 spikes.

And since you're wondering, they can't "throw" their spikes.

What do they eat? Good question. Harley Quill and Poker devoured worms on the 12 Today set. Hedgehogs are insectivores and will eat scorpions and have been known to eat venomous snakes, Morcom said.

Harley Quill and Poker also love a good belly rub.

These two make aww-mazing ambassadors.