Emiley – “there is an extra E,” she says – is a bright, bubbly third-grader who loves Sunday morning.

“I like to go to church a lot,” Emiley says, “because God is the one who made us and I want to worship the person who made.”

And not just on Sunday, she says.

“I like to read the Bible,” 9-year-old Emiley says, “My Bible is called the Beginner’s Bible.”

Another of Emiley’s favorite books is Thumbelina, the story of a tiny girl no bigger than your thumb. The fairy tale has special significance for Emiley.

“I like Thumbelina because it reminds me of why I want to get adopted,” she says. “Thumbelina gets adopted by this woman and I want to be adopted.”

It would be ideal if Emiley was the only child in a forever family with two parents, including a strong positive male role model, says Crysta Hernandez, a youth advocate with Christian Family Care.

Emiley does well in school “and she love to read, she loves to write,” says Hernandez.

She also loves to dance and delighted in learning new steps from dance instructor Michaela Konzal during a lesson at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Like most girls her age, Emiley likes cheerleading, Taylor Swift and mac-and-cheese.

“I do not like stuffing and raw broccoli,” she says.

Emiley is a positive, upbeat child, Hernandez says, adding, “She deeply, deeply longs for a family.”

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