When you think of recreational sports, you might think soccer, volleyball, or basketball, but the City of Maricopa is adding a new one to the list: eSports. 

"It's the latest greatest craze as far as sports and video games mixed," Matthew Reiter, the Marketing and Development Coordinator for the City of Maricopa, said. 

The idea is instead of playing alone they want kids to build community and teamwork.

"We want to give them something they enjoy, something they can be competitive in, but bring them together so they can really get those basically behavioral skills that kids get from other sports," Reiter said.

Reiter said they hope parents will see the value in a city recreational league for the activity. 

Maricopa is leading the way as far as how the eSports is taking shape and really it's something that's not niche but is becoming nationwide" Maricopa Mayor Christian Price said. 

They're starting from the ground up, literally building their computers. But also, they hope to coach the next level eSports players in games like Smash Brothers, Fortnight, Apex and League of Legends. 

To get involved in the rec league, visit the eSports page

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