PHOENIX - Police in the East Valley arrested a man and woman after an extended pursuit after Mesa police tried to pull over a vehicle reported stolen from the Salt River Indian Community.

The suspects have been identified as Dustin Perkins, 35, of Snowflake and Lovida Flores, 29, who has been taken to a hospital in serious condition, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

Perkins suffered a broken hand, PCSO officials said. They did not say what caused the injuries, but the SUV crashed to a stop before they got out and ran from police.

The initial attempt to stop the gray SUV was near Stapley Drive and 8th Avenue in Mesa -- the driver refused to stop for police, according to Mesa PD.

Click here to watch raw aerial video of the arrest.

That police vehicle did not pursue the SUV, police said, but other agencies were also trying to find the vehicle and located it in Pinal County.

Police chased the gray SUV chased throughout the far southeast Valley before they busted through a fence into a warehouse area near Guadalupe Road and Ironwood Drive.

The SUV went through another fence into a desert area, where it crashed and the two people got out -- the male driver and female passenger.

The two ran in separate directions for about a minute before coming together in an embrace, apparently realizing they couldn't outrun police any longer.

They then got down on the ground and officers handcuffed them.

Dozens of police cars are still in the area.

Police have released no information about the chase.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office said the two will be booked into the Pinal County Jail custody in Florence on charges of unlawful flight, reckless driving, aggressive driving, criminal damage and stolen vehicle.

Click here to watch raw aerial video of the chase and arrest.