GLENDALE, Ariz. — Glendale Elementary School District says police have been notified after students reported a strange man taking pictures.

The district says there have been two reports in two weeks of this man taking photos around Desert Spirit School. 

"No students have been approached, but police have been contacted and patrols have increased in the area," district spokesperson Jim Cummings said.

The most recent incident happened after school on Wednesday. The school sent a letter home to parents to warn them about the suspicious activity. 

The Glendale Police Department said Thursday that no police reports had been filed, but that a parent spoke with an officer on Wednesday with "very vague information."

The letter from the school says the man taking pictures of the children is a white man with blond hair who drives a four-door white pickup truck. 

He was wearing sunglasses, a black baseball cap and a dark, long-sleeve shirt in the most recent incident, the school said. 

The department notified the school liaison officer and increased patrols Thursday morning. 

The school letter advised parents to tell their children to immediately report these kinds of incidents. 

It also included tips to keep children safe: 

  • Never talk to strangers at any time.
  • Walk to and from school with others whenever possible.
  • Go directly to and from school on a timeline.
  • Follow a standard route to and from school.
  • Use a code word between parents and children in case of emergencies.
  • If it is safe and involves a vehicle, observe the license number and write it down as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your child knows a phone number where parents be reached.

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