SALT RIVER, Ariz. – “It just kept growing and growing,” Dallas, or you may know him as YouTube sensation Man + River, said.

Dallas started his channel about a year ago and now has amassed more than 1 million followers.

“I quit my full-time job and now I am doing this full time,” he said.

The scuba diver scours places like the Salt River for left behind treasures. He finds everything from phones to GoPros, sunglasses to strange items like a bugle or a gun.

His channel is making a splash online, and his fans tune in to see what he discovers. Every time he makes a find, you can hear his excitement as he makes his "woo-hoo face."

“The woo-hoo face, I just started doing that recently,” he said. “When I get excited and I find something, I naturally just let out a really embarrassing 'woo hoo,' and so I decided to put my fans' face that they send to me up on the screen when it happens."

A clever way to engage with his followers, Dallas also encourages them to share and like his posts which enters them into drawings to win prizes of items he collects.

To follow Man + River, check out his YouTube channel.