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Man arrested after camera found hidden in restroom of Phoenix dental office

The manager told police the suspect would come to the dental office regularly, ask a random question about dental services and then ask to use the restroom.

A man faces multiple charges of voyeurism after a hidden camera was discovered in the restroom of a Phoenix dental office.

According to court documents, 27-year-old Innocent Bradley was arrested almost two weeks after a camera was found hidden in a pipe sleeve under a sink in the restroom. The camera was facing the toilet located directly next to the sink, police said.

The office manager at the dental office told police Bradley became a patient at the office in October of 2018. She said he had scheduled an appointment and, after he arrived at the office, he was unable to be found to be treated.

About an hour after the scheduled appointment, the office manager told police, it was discovered that a person had been in the restroom for about 45 minutes.

The office manager said she knocked on the door and Bradley opened it, telling her he needed a few more minutes before closing the restroom door again.

Court documents say Bradley was seen leaving the restroom with a gray backpack and put the backpack in his vehicle before coming back into the office for his appointment.

The office manager told police patients typically schedule a return visit for six to eight weeks after the initial treatment. However, she said Bradley was coming to the office on a regular basis after Oct. 30.

During each unscheduled visit, Bradley would ask a random question about dental services and then ask to use the restroom, according to court documents.

When he was granted access to the restroom, he would spend as long as an hour in there, police said. The office manager told police Bradley would take his gray backpack into the restroom with him.

On Dec. 5, Bradley went to the office for a scheduled appointment, police said. Immediately after arriving, court documents say Bradley went to the restroom, spending about 10 minutes in there before leaving. Surveillance footage from the office was later viewed, and Bradley was seen taking his gray backpack into the restroom with him, according to the documents.

The next day, police said Bradley went into the office and asked a simple question he had asked in the past, then asked to use the restroom.

The office manager told police Bradley’s suspicious behavior prompted the decision that when he asked to use the restroom on days he did not have an appointment, he would be told the restroom was occupied, and an employee would lock themselves in the restroom.

According to the court documents, once he was told the restroom was occupied, he waited in the lobby and went back to the restroom after some time to check if the door was locked. After finding it locked, the office manager said, he waited outside of the restroom in the consulting area.

Bradley was reportedly told to wait in the lobby, where he stayed until he was told to use the restroom at the business next door. It was estimated that Bradley waited about 20 minutes to gain access to the restroom that day.

After Bradley left, a search was conducted in the restroom, where a camera was found taped to a pipe sleeve under the sink.

Police were notified, and the camera was collected and impounded.

On Dec. 7, Bradley returned to the office and asked a question about mouthwash before asking to use the restroom, court documents say. He was told this time that it was out of order.

Police said Bradley returned the next day, asking a question about dental work before asking once more to use the restroom. He was told again that it was out of order.

Bradley returned to the office on Dec. 10 to ask to use the restroom again, and the police were called while he waited.

Police said Bradley was detained and asked about his visits to the office about five times. He was asked about restrooms in the area, and he told police he was aware the business next door had an available restroom.

When asked about the restroom in the dental office, police said, Bradley admitted to using it in the past.

During an interview, police told Bradley about the camera found in the restroom. Police said Bradley initially denied knowing about it. However, Bradley later disclosed he was aware it was placed under the sink, according to police.

When police told Bradley the camera would be processed for DNA, Bradley reportedly said he had found the camera and touched it but chose not to report it to anyone because he was scared.

Following that interview with police, Bradley was released from detention until more information could be gathered.

Investigators removed the SD card from the camera and reviewed the content, which reportedly showed the area around the toilet.

Police said the video clips on the card indicated the camera was motion activated and had recorded 17 different people using or inside the restroom over a period of about nine hours. Three of the victims were children, police said.

Investigators showed “sanitized” images of the victims to the office manager, who identified nine of them as employees at the business, court documents say. 

The office manager was able to determine, based on the various people being at the office on the same day, that the footage was recorded on Dec. 5, the last day Bradley accessed the restroom, police said.

Investigators reviewed surveillance footage from the dental office from Dec. 5, and Bradley was seen arriving at the office and then going into the restroom with his backpack, leaving the restroom after about 10 minutes. The next person seen entering the restroom was the first victim in the footage recorded by the camera found under the sink.

Police said the individuals seen on surveillance footage from the dental office matched the 16 additional victims recorded going into the restroom on that day by the hidden camera. 

Bradley was arrested on Dec. 19 and again interviewed, and he denied any involvement with the installation of the camera, police said.

As of Dec. 19, 13 of the 17 victims had been identified and desired prosecution in the matter, according to police.