TEMPE, Ariz. - Nutrition is something needed every day. The unfortunate thing is, we don't get all the needed nutrition from our everyday foods.

"Since the 50s our soils have been depleted, that's true to today's foods," said William Deihl, president of VitaMist, a worldwide company that has been based in the Valley for 35 years. "In order to get the nutrition we used to get in one bowl of spinach, we'd have to eat eight."

One day while walking around the park with his wife, Deihl's father, Joe, took a vitamin pill, which ended up scratching his throat, he thought to himself, "there's got to be a better way," and as Deihl said, that's how this product was born.

President of Vitamist, William Deihl, discusses the importance of vitamins in nutrition. (Photo: JR Cardenas/12 News)

"We tend to try and keep everything locally grown, our spray cannister labels are made here in Phoenix, all our vitamin sources are either grown locally or we buy products grown within the United States," Deihl said. "People who cant swallow pills are those that tend to reach out to us, it's a simple concept, you just spray."

Walk into their office, you'll see pictures of both local personalities, such as Joe Arpaio, Muhammad Ali, senators, mayors and even the Dallas Cowboys, all of whom have visited and used the products.

As you go through several doors, some which no one is allowed to be in, you arrive in the assembly room where all the magic happens.

Spray vitamin maker Vitamist showcases three spray vitamin tubes. Feb. 12, 2017. (Photo: JR Cardenas/12News) 

"I like to say the first thing we put in our product is love," Deihl said. "We treat every solution like fine wine, like a delicate baby."

That's one of the reasons they've been around for so long.

Home grown vitamins, in the form of a spray, sounds like a great concept. Best of all, it's in our very own backyard made right here in Arizona.

To get more information on VitaMist and what they do, visit www.vitamist.com.