PHOENIX - Miss Mo, as she's known in the social media world, found success with a plant she's been using her entire life: aloe vera.

At the young age of 26 she runs a company that produces a very popular hair product made specifically for curly, wavy hair -- Bounce Curl.

"Wavy, curly hair is hard to manage, that's the type of hair I have so I know the feeling," Miss Mo said.

She was studying to become a dentist, Miss Mo says she's always been good with chemistry. During one of her classes she got the idea to go to her backyard, pick up some aloe vera and add some ingredients to put on her hair.

Shortly after she had her friends try it, and not long after that a lab created a few samples and the rest is history.

"I didn't know the business side of this, but I needed thirty more credits to get my business management degree, I spoke with my parents and decided that Curl Bounce was the better choice at the time," Miss Mo said.

The company has it's headquarters in the Valley, where she plans to keep it for right now.

"In the beginning I was doing it all, shipping, marketing and the mixing, these days I have a lot of help and I need it," she said.

She just returned from Greece and is now looking at heading to London, perhaps where she plans to put a distribution center to give consumers the best prices.

"I've always wanted to provide the best product since I've started this that includes shipping our products, right now they spend over $20 shipping outside the U.S. which is a lot compared to $5-$6 here in the states," Miss Mo said.

To get info on her product you can always visit the website