SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - The jury in the bar mitzvah sex crimes case found Lindsey Radomski not guilty on all counts Wednesday.

“I’m just incredibly happy it’s over. Thank God," Radomski said outside the Scottsdale City Courthouse Wednesday.

Radomski is a yoga teacher who was accused of flashing a group of underage boys at a bar mitzvah and performing a sex act on one of them. She was also accused of allowing the group of boys to fondle her breasts.

A grand jury declined to indict her on those charges. Instead, the Sccottsdale city prosecutor charged her with lesser charges, including public sexual indecency.

The case gained national attention with the revelation that the parents of some of the boys had apparently paid for Radomski's breast augmentation surgery. Her attorneys told the jury they treated Radomoski "like property."

During the trial, Radomski said she believed she was drugged by someone at the party and has no memory of the incident.

“We believe that the boys went in that room, touched Lindsey, fondled her breasts without her permission," her attorney, Jocquese Blackwell said. "Things that one off the boys did, I cannot even repeat on national television.”

The prosecution maintained Radomski was simply drunk and should be responsible for her actions.

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An emotional Radomski hugged her lawyers after the verdict was read.

Radomski faced 18 misdemeanor charges in a trial that lasted seven weeks, longer than most misdemeanor trials ever last.

“This might be the longest trial that’s ever taken place in misdemeanor court," Blackwell said.

The jury found her not guilty on all counts after three hours of deliberation.