PHOENIX- A lightsaber vendor was asked to leave Phoenix Comicon Saturday after the company failed to comply with new protocol regarding prop weapons at the event, according to a Phoenix Comicon press release.

Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Convention Center staff decided to ban all prop weapons from the event Thursday night following the arrest of a man carrying four loaded guns and a handful of other weapons inside the convention center with plans to harm police and a Comicon performer.

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The press release says Comicon Director of Operations Lee Palmer issued a mandate Friday that all prop weapons for sale be wrapped by the vendors prior to sale. Palmer and his team also held a mandatory meeting Friday with all applicable vendors to help assist in the transition, but no UltraSabers representative was present.

Comicon staff says they approached the custom lightsaber vendors asking about their refusal to comply later that day. According to the press release, the UltraSabers team became combative at that time. Comicon staff asked them to remove their exhibits and leave.

Phoenix Comicon staff issued a complete refund to UltraSabers for the cost of their exhibit before the vendors left the site Friday night, they say.

According to the press release, UltraSabers returned to Comicon Saturday to hand out flyers that detail their side of the story.

Comicon staff asked the UltraSaber representatives to leave, again. The event staff says they have not decided whether or not UltraSabers will return to Phoenix Comicon.

According to the flyer, UltraSabers requested a refund on Friday morning due because attendance was low.

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UltraSabers claims Phoenix Comicon Director Matt Solberg refused to give them any refund. Their flyer said the reason they were forced out of the event was for "expressing discontent after being asked to distribute their products to their customers in trash bags".

On Friday, Phoenix Comicon directors requested UltraSabers give clients their merchandise in trash bags. UltraSabers didn't like the idea of putting their "high-dollar" lightsabers in trash bags but say they complied from noon until 8:30 p.m that day.

After the show, Comicon staff told them they had to pack up their six booths and go, the flyer says. The flyer warns "every vendor and attendee" that they could be "unfairly banned" too.