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Weekend visitors force temporary closure Sunday at Lake Pleasant after reaching capacity

Maricopa County Parks and Recreation said the lake was closed after it reached capacity.

MARICOPA COUNTY, Ariz. — Lake Pleasant Regional Park was temporarily closed Sunday, according to Maricopa County Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Recreation said the park was closed after the west side of the lake reached capacity.

People who wanted to enjoy the lake had to drive to the Pleasant Harbor Marina to launch their boats.

Still, hundreds of cars were seen lined up to enter the west side of the lake. While some turned around, others waited it out.

“We came a little bit late in the day thinking there was going to be no traffic and then got here and it was about probably 30-45 minutes of waiting,” said Tyler Rodgers.

“Then we saw a sign saying it was at capacity until four o’clock,” said Eloy Leyva.

Once inside, the lake was packed with people. Cars were going wherever they could to find a spot close to the water.

“This is way more busy than we were expecting,” said Tori Specht.

Lake Pleasant wasn't the only popular summer destination that had to turn people away because of overcrowding this weekend. 

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced Saturday that the Salt River located in the east Valley was also temporarily closed due to overcrowding. 

On Twitter, MCSO reported the lower Salt River Recreational area was at full capacity including all forest service recreation sites and Salt River tubing.

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