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Kids went down the slide at Gilbert park and got chemical burns

Police said the park was vandalized and somebody threw cleaning solution on the slide.

GILBERT, Ariz. — A visit to a Gilbert park ended up in a trip to urgent care for two mothers with young children. 

The kids, both around 2 years old, were playing at Freestone Park and went down the slide. The children soon started complaining about pain on their legs. 

The moms found redness, swelling and blisters and took their children to urgent care. Hospital staff told the mothers their kids had chemical burns. 

According to police, the chemical that caused the burns was an industrial cleaner the town uses. But it isn't used to clean a slide. 

Credit: Tessa Reeves
A chemical burn on a child's leg after she went down the slide at a Gilbert park.

Police said a park storage locker near the slide was broken into and cleaning products were taken out and thrown around. 

The slide was just one of the many things at the park that were vandalized before the children visited. 

Police said whoever is responsible could face charges of burglary, vandalism, endangerment and possibly assault. 

There are no cameras in the park, and police said there is very little information to go on. 

If you know anything about the vandalism, contact Gilbert police at 480-503-6500.