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'It was gone in a matter of seconds': Globe family left looking for help after floodwaters carry their home away

It's been months since the devastating floods in Globe and some people are still homeless and need help.

GLOBE, Ariz. — On August 15, Deseree Barbee's house began to move. 

"It took a minute to register," Barbee said. 

Heavy rains flowed down the Telegraph Fire burn scar and the water turned the street outside of Barbee's mobile home into a river. 

Caught in the current was her home. Video shows the mobile home spinning around, as it traveled hundreds of yards from one end of the neighborhood to the other. 

"While it was moving I was just trying to survive," Barbee said. 

Her boyfriend, Eric Bellinger was outside of his father's home nearby when he saw the waters start to take the home they shared. 

"I was trying to chase it down," Bellinger said. 

When the home finally came to rest, their house was left in shambles. 

“We worked so hard for what we had and it was gone in a matter of seconds,” Bellinger said. 

 Bellinger found a spare room in a friend's house, while Barbee moved back in with her mother.  Both with a roof over their heads, but not a place to call home. 

"Home. That word means a lot. And I don’t think I realized that until I didn't have one," Barbee said.

It is an all too familiar story in Globe. Floods wrecked homes and forced people to move in with friends or live in their cars. Almost all feel left behind. 

Arizona lawmakers approved nearly $100 million in aid to help deal with the Telegraph Fire and its aftermath. However, almost all of the money went to fighting fires, fire victims, and infrastructure repairs.

Bellinger and Barbee said all they received was just more than $500 from the Red Cross. 

“Instead of selling an idea, it has to work it has to be the real world. Like, there are real people who need real help. And promises aren’t going to house us or feed us or get us out of their cars," Barbee said. 

If you would like to help the family, they have a GoFundMe here.

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