GOODYEAR, Ariz. — Police released body camera footage from the June arrest of a mother who said she accidentally left her 5-month-old in a car in a Goodyear Target parking lot when she, her sister and other daughter went into the store. 

The infant was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

In body camera footage, 37-year-old Stacey Holly and her sister, who called 911 for medical services after they realized they left the baby in the car, are heard telling officers they forgot the 5-month-old in the car and did not know how it happened.

Officers are heard on camera saying it was about 99 degrees outside. 

One officer is heard talking to another officer and says, "I hate to be the [expletive] but I'm charging her. There's no excuse for that, man."

Holly is charged with one count of child abuse and one count of endangerment. 

stacey holly
Goodyear Police

Police said in their report Holly stated after the arrest she was distracted and forgot the infant in the vehicle.

Police said the infant appeared to be sweating and was red in the face.

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Court documents say Holly and her sister both forgot the child was in the car. Holly's sister told police she was making a phone call when the two walked into Target, went to the Starbucks and food market in Target and proceeded to shop in Target, according to court documents. 

After police checked security camera footage, they determined the child was left in the car for about 50 minutes. 

Police noted in the report that Holly said she should be arrested when asked by an officer what should happen to her. Police said she looked remorseful and perplexed as to how she left her daughter in the car.

The Target store was located in a shopping center near Cotton Lane and Yuma Road. 

12 News footage showed a tow truck taking a white SUV from the parking lot.

It was about 102 degrees Fahrenheit in Goodyear on Sunday afternoon.