Update: Ashley Wolfe delivered baby Oakley via C-section Tuesday afternoon at about 31 weeks.

“We're doing well! 4lb 10oz. She had a very healthy cry! I feel so optimistic for her future! She's strong! I'm doing alright as well,” she said.

Wolfe said she will start chemo treatments for her lung cancer soon.

Ashley Wolfe and baby Oakley
Ashley Wolfe and baby Oakley
Ashley Wolfe

Original story: Ashley Wolfe's life was a dream.

She was married, had a happy little boy at home and a new baby girl on the way.

But Wolfe's whole world would come crashing down when doctors gave her some of the worst news of her life.

What Wolfe first thought was just a bad case of pneumonia last month turned out to be cancer.

"I'm just really afraid I'm going to die," she said.

At 31 years old and 23 weeks pregnant, she was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. She has never smoked.

"It's just really shocking that I have lung cancer now," she said.

Wolfe said her doctors tell her it's possible she got the cancer from secondhand smoke or other environmental factors like random gas exposure or cleaning chemicals.

Fast forward a few weeks and Wolfe now has a medical device to drain fluid from one of her lungs. And she's already on chemo with a team of doctors at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix.

"So we're just going to do two sessions of the chemo for now and then go a little bit harder for it after she's born," Wolfe said.

Wolfe's goal is to deliver her unborn daughter Oakley and then kill the cancer.

"After we have the baby we'll be able to do a PET scan and we'll be able to stage it and see if it's gone to any other areas of the body," she said.

That's when she says more aggressive chemo will kick in.

"It's just reality. You're like 'woah!' This is real. It hits me all of the time and you're like 'woah!'" she said.

Wolfe said the news and treatments have been draining, but hopes her son and new daughter continue to play and have fun.

"My son is super rambunctious, and I love him so much," she said. "I want them to have fun times."

Wolfe is scheduled to have a C-section later Wednesday. She is a little over 31 weeks pregnant now. She's also scheduled to start chemo in about three weeks, while her newborn is in the NICU.

On top of all the unimaginable stress, Wolfe's family has been hit hard by all of the medical bills. Wolfe had to quit working a lot soon than expected in order to start treatment.

If you'd like to help, a GoFundMe page has been created to raise money for the family. The goal is $60,000 to help pay for treatments and other medical bills.

It's a mission to save a young mother's life who wants nothing more than to watch her babies grow.

"I want to live," she said.