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'I'm just devastated right now': After crash kills 6, family begs for help to bring them home

The crash split the family's car in two, killing everyone. Now the family is trying to get the bodies back to Michigan for their final resting place.

PHOENIX — After a horrific crash, a family is asking for the community's help to get the bodies back home. 

On July 2, Natisha Moffett and her five children were on their way to California with a family friend for a quick holiday getaway.

The family said Moffett’s friend’s car had issues, and both pulled off to the side.

Moments later, a tractor-trailer collided with Natisha’s car, splitting it in two and setting it on fire. Moffett and her children were killed on impact. The tractor-trailer also hit the friend’s car, sending that family to the hospital.

It is unknown what caused the trailer to hit the two cars.

“Me and my fiancée were actually supposed to go with them,” Kwame Delbridge, Moffett’s younger brother said.

The crash happened on Delbridge’s birthday. Instead of going on the trip with his sister, Delbridge decided to stay in town to save money. He remembered getting a birthday facetime from the family as they hit the road.

“I got to see all of them in the car. They were smiling. Everybody wishing me a happy birthday,” he said. 

Delbridge saw his sister and the five smiling faces of Jo'syia, Giovanni, Santari, Malik and the youngest, Makayla.

“She [Makayla] used to follow me around ‘uncle uncle uncle’ like all day long,” Delbridge said. “I just wish someone could call me uncle right now”

About 45 minutes after hanging up the phone, Moffett's car was hit by the trailer.

“I don’t want to see their bodies, because I want to remember that as the last memory of them,” Delbridge said.

Delbridge said that his sister was the rock of the family. Someone who would do anything to help, a kind heart who helped her siblings and little ones.

Delbridge said his sister left their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan for Arizona looking for a fresh start and more opportunities. Delbridge followed her to the Valley looking for similar opportunities, and a chance to be in the lives of his niece and nephews.

“I just wish I spent more time with them.”

With their passing, the family is hoping to return them to Grand Rapids for their final resting place.  

“It wasn’t fair to any of them,” Delbridge said.

However, the family will face the challenges of trying to pay for the funeral expenses and transport of six loved ones. A process that can cost thousands of dollars.

The cost has pushed the family to ask for help.

“I’m a very proud man and I don’t typically ask for help but I will swallow all of my pride. Please help my family. Because we need it.” Delbridge said. 

If you would like to help out the family has a GoFundMe. 

“Thank you for face timing me on my birthday,” Delbridge said. “Because that meant everything to me.”

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