SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A man who killed his wife on Jan. 25 tried to kill her two months before in November but was allowed to return home before facing charges, according to court documents. 

Jozef Miller, 72 and schizophrenic, said voices told him to kill his wife. 

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According to police documents, Miller bludgeoned his wife, Hanna, with a hammer after returning from a shopping trip. He then changed clothes and went gambling for two hours, the documents say.

When he returned home, Miller first tried to kill himself by carbon monoxide poisoning, but the voice told him to stay alive, court documents say.

Miller then called 911 to report he killed his own wife. 

Miller: “I kill my wife, OK?"

911 dispatch: "You killed your wife?"

Miller: "Yes."

In the initial police report, Jozef said he killed her because she would be in a better place and could not live without him. 

However, the murder came after a first attempt back on Nov. 16. 

Miller allegedly tried to kill her while giving her a massage.

Documents for that incident show Jozef Miller said that he heard voices and tried to kill his wife. 

According to the report, after being read his Miranda rights, Miller allegedly said "Yeah, but I don’t need attorney. I'm guilty, officer, no attorney.”

Despite the arrest and admission, the county never charged Miller with a crime. 

In a statement, a spokesperson from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said: "It did not meet the charging standards at the county level, but they felt it could be prosecuted at the city level."

Scottsdale did file three charges against Miller on Jan. 3, including assault, disorderly conduct, and threats.

However, by that time, Miller was out of police custody and back with his wife.

While a date for an arraignment was set, Miller never had to appear in court before Jan. 25, when his wife was killed.

Miller is now charged with first-degree murder.