Chandler police officer Aaron Little "literally" didn't save the man's life. He didn't stop him from jumping.

At least, that's what he'll tell you.

If you ask Officer Little, he'll just say he was keeping his promise that night in March when he talked a man, who appeared to have every intention to jump, off a freeway bridge by offering him a hug. He'll say the man himself chose to climb back over the fence and out of danger.

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But others in the Chandler community and across social media think differently. To them, Officer Little's actions that night saved the man's life.

"We need more people in this world like you, Officer Little," one person wrote on Facebook. "Thank you for handling that sweet man with such compassion."

Officer Little said it was "nice that those people say that, it really is."

"But there are other cops throughout the nation who do way more heroic things than me just keeping my promise," Officer Little said in an interview posted on the Chandler PD Facebook page.

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In the interview, Officer Little shared his thoughts about that night, everything from responding to the call to finally walking the man off the bridge.

After the dispatch came out about a suicidal person, Officer Little said he just happened to be in the area, northbound on Price Road, when he noticed something on the pedestrian bridge that's normally not there.

Little said he didn't know what it was so he pulled over and walked up to the bridge where he saw the man straddling the fence. The bridge wasn't far from the man's home.

"About the time I noticed him he noticed me and that's the time he actually climbed over the fence and started making his way down to the actual concrete portion of the pedestrian walkway," he said.

Officer Little introduced himself and told the man he was there to help.

"When I actually saw him on that bridge I knew that I was in that moment and I was the only officer out there," Little said. "Pretty surreal experience to tell you the truth."

In body camera footage released by Chalder PD, the man could be heard yelling back at Little as Little said, "I'm not here to hurt you at all, I'm here to help you."

"Everything I was saying really wasn't taking effect on him no matter what I said," Little said."

Then Officer Little offered the man a hug, it was something he had seen another officer do in a post on social media "a long time ago."

"Once I told him I'd give him a hug he actually like looked at me compared to what he was actually doing which was looking down at the freeway and all the oncoming cars coming," Little said.

Little said the man latched onto that phrase so he kept bringing it up and telling the man he would give him a hug.

"I just had a normal conversation with him, I wasn't trying to ask questions that would make him rekindle whatever was currently making him have that emotional state," Little said. "I was just trying to offer him anything and once I offered him that hug I knew that he latched onto it. So I knew that he just needed something emotional."

It worked. And the man eventually climbed back over the fence to safety and the open arms of Officer Little, who kept his word about that hug.

"Once he finally climbed back over, it's a pretty good feeling once you know he's actually coming back over to safety," Little said.

Little said the two continued to have a "normal conversation," and they laughed the whole way as they walked off the bridge. At one point the man can be heard on the body camera footage apologizing for "wasting" Little's time. To which Little replied, "You're not wasting my time, I'm just glad you came off the fence."

"I knew that I was in that moment and I needed to do whatever I needed to do to get him back up over that fence," Little said.

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