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Hushabye Nursery opens in Phoenix to help babies exposed to opioids

A new care facility in Phoenix will focus on helping babies exposed to opioids. It's also a resource for families to find support in their recovery journey.

PHOENIX — A new care facility in Phoenix has opened its doors to the public with the focus of helping babies exposed to opioids and their families. 

It’s a resource that families who are in a desperate place can turn to for support in their recovery journey. It is support that could change the course of their entire life.

The grand opening of Hushabye Nursery signifies so much. 

“Healing and hope and being able to really make a difference in the community,” said Tara Sundem, founder and executive director. 

After five years of hard work, the new center is finally open and providing support to babies who have been exposed to opioids.

“Hoping that families will come in and just have that sense of relief and that hope,” Sundem said. 

Trained staff members will work with the most vulnerable population. 

“They’re struggling every day and fighting so hard,” said Sundem. “I’ve had so many people say how could you do this to your baby, and believe me, I have not met a mom that doesn’t love her baby... they’re just struggling, it’s hard work.” 

Hushabye works with moms going through the withdrawal process, teaches classes on parenting and provides resources.

Hushabye has come to the rescue of moms like Clarissa Collins. 

“I came in looking for some help and some guidance with the whole pregnancy and the opioids and everything and within I think three visits I was like this is what I’m doing,” she said. 

Collins showed up looking for help and now with ongoing services, she’s ready to help others as a mentor. 

“I’ve always, ever since I got sober, wanted to give back in someway, I just didn’t quite know what path I wanted to go,” said Collins. “It literally just came to me... I’m so excited for this next step.”

Her daughter Cali is almost a year old now. 

“Perfection,” she said. “She’s a blessing.”

Collins can’t wait to see what the future holds.

“I’ve been able to watch everything blossom,” she said. “Just have some fun with her... cherish every day I have.” 

So far Hushabye Nursery has helped more than 100 babies and their parents. 

For more information about Hushabye Nursery, go to: https://www.hushabyenursery.org/.

Facility: 3003 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85008