PHOENIX - There's no guarantee you're 100-percent safe when using a ride share service, or being anywhere in public, really.

Highlighting that fact may be one Scottsdale woman who is accusing Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston of groping her last year after she picked him up as an Uber driver.

Winston denied those claims, but it raised a question about the safety of not only passengers, but the drivers as well.

Here are some tips from two Uber drivers that work for both passenger and driver if you find yourself in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.


“I share each and every ride with my husband,” said Shonda, who’s been a driver for four months. “So, he knows where I'm at all the time."

It takes a couple of clicks in the app, and you can let a friend or family member know when are start a ride and when you arrive.


“You can always cancel the ride,” said Hareston, a driver with Uber for more than two years.
And you can cancel ahead of the ride or anytime between pick-up and drop-off.


If things get a little tense or uncomfortable, you can file a complaint directly with Uber or Lyft, or other ride share service, which will also explain why you may have canceled the ride request.

CALL 911

“You can always dial 911 right away … if you’re in a situation where an assault happens,” said Hareston, or if your life or well-being is in danger.