PHOENIX — Easter is this Sunday, and as you get ready to hide those Easter eggs, remember that it's snake season as well. 

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The Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary is warning those planning their Easter egg hunts this weekend that rattlesnakes may like the same hiding spots where you want to stash the eggs.

The sanctuary provided a few safety tips to keep your Easter egg hunt snake-free.

  • Don’t hide eggs where children have to reach where they can’t see, including under bushes and rocks, behind flower pots or under pool toys.
  • Consider shady damp areas off-limits, as snakes like to curl up there during the day.
  • Hide eggs off the ground, such as in tall flower pots, in hanging baskets, on decks or on outdoor furniture.  

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If you do find a snake instead of an Easter egg, do not try to move it yourself. PHS said 80 to 90 percent of rattlesnake bites happen when homeowners try to deal with the snake themselves.

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PHS will humanely remove and relocate a snake from your property for a fee. If you need a snake moved, call 602-550-1090.

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