SUN LAKES, Ariz. - A family is without a home today after explosions were heard Thursday night in a Sun Lakes neighborhood.

"We heard what I thought were gun shots or a car backfiring," said neighbor Kimberly Yanis.

Mini-explosions coming from a home near Riggs Road and Interstate 10.

"It was flaming," said Renee Touchstone, a neighbor. "I mean huge flames."

The fire started in the garage. Two cars now melted. The roof caved in.

At some point, a stream of gasoline that was on fire leaked down the driveway and underneath the family's RV.

"It ran down the driveway," said next-door neighbor Ron Vredenburg, "and it was burning as it was running down. It was interesting to watch because it was just like lava."

PHOTOS: Sun Lakes house fire

Firefighters worked to contain the fire from spreading, but as the sun came up on the charred remains Friday morning, the house was a complete loss.

"The cars are melted and sunken in," said Touchstone, "The motor home is melted all along the side facing the house. It's just horrible."

No one was injured in the fire. The family made it out of the house OK and are staying at a neighbor's home.