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Have 100-degree tap water coming out of your 'cold' faucet? In Phoenix, you aren't alone

One Phoenix Reddit user posted a thermometer reading 100 degrees after running it under their "cold" tap water. Hundreds of other Phoenix residents chimed in.

PHOENIX — The Valley of the Sun is known for extremely hot summer temperatures, but according to hundreds of Phoenix residents, the area should also be known for its hot tap water.

User Czechkayte posted a picture on Phoenix's Subreddit showing a thermometer reading 100.4 degrees after putting it under their faucet running water. The kicker is that was her faucet's "cold" water.

"My kid is 3.5 and I often have to dump a tumbler of ice in the tub after filling it all the way on cold," Czechkayte said in a comment.

The post went wild, with nearly 1,000 upvotes and 200 comments, many saying that they shared in Czechkayte's pain as they too have dealt with the desert's steaming tap.

Credit: Reddit

"I had to turn my hot water off in the shower last night I was way too hot. The 'cold' water was all I could handle," user bondgirl852001 said.

"My tap water is 124 degrees. I have to run my son's bath an hour beforehand," user Major_Warrens_Dingus said.

"Moved here in May and seat bidets are a must for us until I realized the errors of my way by using it in the afternoon...ouch," user dsoleman said.

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