Sometimes it's just not your day, which was the case for a horse in Scottsdale over the weekend.

That horse found itself in quite the predicament after falling into an in-ground trampoline pit. Unable to escape, the horse was stuck.

According to the Scottsdale Fire Department, which posted photos of the horse stuck in the pit on Facebook, a crew was called in to help get the horse out of the pit.

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The department said once the trampoline was removed the horse was able to jump out on its own. The horse was checked for injuries by a veterinarian and is expected to be OK.

The community applauded the rescue crew's efforts on Facebook.

"Scottsdale Firefighters always ready to come to their community’s needs," one person wrote. "Thank you."

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The department hashtagged the post with "WeCareForYou."

"Even our equine friends!" the department wrote.