Our latest holiday recipe is sure to warm your soul... And your stomach.

James Quinones is inviting us into his kitchen as he prepares his fall green chili beef stew.

Want to cook up a batch yourself? Here's the full recipe:

Jimmy's Fall New Mexico Green Chili Beef Stew

First grab a large stew pot with a lid. Next, find some stewing beef – a bowl of cubed beef. Brown the beef in a pan with olive oil.

Add 1-2 cups of beef broth then add water as needed.

Then get 2 cans of stew tomatoes and dice up a half onion. Get 2-4 carrots and cut them up into ½ inch pieces. Boil in a pot first, to soften a bit, add meat to the stew and drop the temp to simmer.

Cut 4 medium-size potatoes and cut into inch squares. Add them to the stew during the last 40 minutes so you do not overcook the potatoes.

Another needed ingredient is Rice a Roni - Wild Rice and season packet. Add for the last 18 minutes so you do not overcook.

Next, add 1 cup of green chili – 505 or Bueno Brand. Now the flour – a heaping tablespoon - mix with ½ cup of water in a sealed cup and shake hard. 

Pour into stew 15 min before serving to thicken the stew. And enjoy!

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