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'He’s a survivor': Colorado supermarket shooting hits close to home for Surprise family

Greg Ponsford's brother Clint was working at the Boulder grocery store when a gunman shot and killed 10 people. Clint's girlfriend was among those who died.

SURPRISE, Ariz. — A video texted to Greg Ponsford on Monday contained images that left him in shock.

He saw his brother Clint in the middle of the scene of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. 

Clint worked at the King Sooper’s grocery store for decades before a gunman shot and killed 10 people on Monday.

“There was my brother standing in the front of the grocery store entrance and there were bodies lying about on the street, the ramp and inside the store,” Ponsford said. 

“And then I heard gunshots and it was horrific. It was absolutely horrible.”

Ponsford said Clint has severe dyslexia.

“Can’t read, he can’t write, he can’t drive a car, but he’s a survivor,” Ponsford said.

A survivor of a tragedy that took 10 innocent lives.

“The perpetrator shot a person at the bottom of the ramp and came up the ramp, walked right past my brother and into the store,” Ponsford said.

Ponsford said he is grateful his brother is physically OK.

“He was there, he was protected,” Ponsford said.

But on the list of 10 people shot by the gunman was Clint’s girlfriend Teri Leiker.  

“Unfortunately, he lost his better half,” Ponsford said.

While Ponsford was concerned about Clint in the midst of the shooting, he believes Clint wasn’t thinking of himself.

“I saw him on that video and thought, ‘My God, Clint you have to get out of there! He can come right back out the door and shoot you!’,” Ponsford said. “I think he wasn’t concerned about that at all. I think he was more concerned about Teri.”

Ponsford said Clint and Teri worked together at the grocery store for years.

After Clint’s wife died a couple of years back, the two found love and moved in together.

“I think that relationship was always there he just didn’t realize it. So, it’s kind of like a love story I guess,” Ponsford said.  

During the brief time Ponsford spent with Teri, he said one thing stuck out.

“She had grace,” Ponsford said.

It’s grace now, that Ponsford is holding onto.

“We wonder when will it stop? How will we fix this? I don’t know those answers,” Ponsford said. “But maybe one day we’ll figure it out with a little grace.”

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