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Here's how people in Phoenix are dealing with the cold

Cold weather is all relative right? Here in Phoenix, this winter blast has people bundling up. We hit the streets to see how people are warming up.

Temperatures across the Valley have been chilly, at least by our standards. 

So we wanted to see how people across the Phoenix metro are dealing with these colder temperatures.

We hit the streets to find out how people are really feeling about having to bundle up.

For George Perrone, and his golfing buddy Tom Brady, golfing in these kinds of temperatures has its upside.

Is there any advantage to golfing in this type of weather?

"Yes there’s no one to stop us from golfing in 3 hours," said Perrone with a chuckle.

“It’s wonderful with this weather my wife doesn’t bug me to go to our place in Pinetop. She likes the cold weather. She's from Montana-so this saves me a drive," said Brady.

Others like Dariona Bradley weren’t so happy to see these cold temps, as she shivered waiting for the light rail along Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix.

"I had to throw some stuff on, a cardigan. I borrowed these gloves to keep my hands warm. I just hope no one sees this," said Bradley with a laugh.

All across the Phoenix metro people bundled up to try and stay warm. Bistro and coffee shop El Charro Hipster on Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix was pushing out lots of their classic lattes.

“Oh yeah it warms you up. There's nothing like it. The cold weather is bring people in to warm up," said owner Francisco Banderas. 

We met Coloradan Gregory Johnson and his family outside the Grand Resort in Phoenix, getting ready for a mountain bike ride. Johnson says he’s loving, what feels like for him, some pretty mild temperatures.

"It is interesting to see everyone in their winter coats. This is very enjoyable for us,” Johnson said.

 But for Phoenician Latia Clark, the best way to enjoy these temperatures are with some albondigas soup at Aunt Chiladas Mexican Restaurant.

“It warms me up all the ways down. It’ like goes straight down and it goes straight to my soul," said Clark. 

So whether you are drinking coffee to keep warm, or having to jump on a train to escape the chill, there are some advantages to having cold weather engulf the desert southwest. It’s the only time you’ll see an empty golf course in Phoenix, except for diehards George Perrone and his buddy Tom Brady.