FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. — Thomas Blessing's girlfriend, Julie Tierney, made the call to 911 on July 2, 2018, the day Blessing was allegedly shot and killed in Fountains Hills by his 92-year-old mother, Anna Mae Blessing.

In the audio from that 911 call obtained by 12 News, a frantic Tierney can be heard saying she was hiding behind her bed.

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"She has shot her son, she is over there with a gun," she tells the dispatcher. "I can't get to the front door."

Tierney says she has one of Anna Mae Blessing's guns after she "threw her [Anna Mae] on the floor" and took it away from Blessing.

"And then I looked up and she's got another gun," Tierney says.

"I'm afraid to go anywhere, I'm afraid to move in the house and she's going to shoot me... Hurry."

You can hear Tierney scream several times in the audio.

"She's got the gun right at me," she says. "Help me, help me."

At one point, Tierney tells the dispatcher she's hiding under the bed and Blessing is in the hallway pointing her gun and not moving.

"I can't look up because if I look up she's going to shoot me," Tierney says. "Oh my god, her son's dead I think."

Tierney tells the dispatcher to have law enforcement "kick the door down" when they arrive.

"She's going to kill me, she's going to kill me," she says.

Body camera footage released by authorities shows deputies entering the home with guns drawn and finding Blessing sitting in a chair in a bedroom.

Blessing died in January before she went to trial.