PHOENIX - A Phoenix police officer when above and beyond the call of duty for a woman in a tough spot. 

Officer Alex Bryant was off duty when he struck up a conversation with a woman waiting at a Phoenix bus stop. The woman was Tillie McKoy.  

McKoy told Officer Bryant she was on her way to a new job, but her car was repossessed that morning.  

Without hesitation, Officer Bryant offered her the money she needed to get her car back. He gave her $600.  

“I am just glad that I can help out, whenever I can, however I can. I felt like we don’t help each other enough. It’s sad to say,” Bryant said.  

Tillie and Officer Bryant
Phoenix Police Department

McKoy was able to get her car back, but that isn’t the only thing she got. McKoy said she gained a friend in Officer Bryant and a renewed perspective on what it really means to protect and serve a community. 

“He was really doing his job. That’s what police do, they help you. I always respected them. I respected their authority, but I gained a different kind of respect, a different kind of outlook. They are human just like we are, and they are good people,” McKoy said.  

Officer Bryant encourages people to be kind to one another. And it's not about money, even the smallest gesture can make a difference, he says.  

“I am glad that I could help her, and she needed it. And I see how much she appreciated it,” Bryant said.