CHANDLER, Ariz. - It's a statement no family should ever have to make

"The main message: My brother, he loved his friends, he loved his family and the Army."

Jacob Conrad is talking about his older brother, Alex Conrad—who played high school football at Hamilton High in Chandler, who skipped graduation for boot camp, and for the past eight years, had been fighting for our freedom.

"He was proud to be a solder. I remember when he went to airborne school, how excited he was,” said Jacob.

Alex Conrad and his family (Photo: Conrad family)

It was his most recent deployment in Somalia where, at just 26 years old, Staff Sgt. Alex Conrad was killed by enemy fire last week.

"He was set to come home shortly,” said Jacob.

Alex was assigned to a Special Forces group. Four other servicemen were also injured that day.

"I remember my dad saying he talked to him after his birthday he asked how it was. He said, 'I have an hour off then I go back to work.' That was my brother, a hard worker,” said Jacob.

The exact details of Alex's death have not been released because the Army is still conducting an investigation.

President Trump sent prayers to the family in this tweet, calling the servicemen heroes,

And it's that description that the family wants others to remember Alex as: someone who, without a doubt, laid his life on the line.

The family is asking in lieu of flowers to send donations to the Pat Tillman foundation.

Staff Sgt. Alex Conrad was killed in Somalia last week by enemy fire. (Photo: Conrad family)