The family of a man fatally shot by Phoenix police officers while they were looking for a violent suspect is mourning his loss and calling for justice. 

The Phoenix Police Department tells 12 News officers perceived a threat and fired to end it, but the family of Henry Rivera doesn't see it that way. 

His fiance, Natalie Mejia, describes Henry as a family man. 

"Everything he did was for us, was for the kids. He loved his kids," said Mejia. 

Mejia and Rivera have two boys together, 4-year-old Ezikiel, and 4-month-old Eli. 

"He was a great provider. He loved us," she said. 

She and Rivera were on their way to Colorado, where they were hoping to move and start a new life with their sons. 

They had decided to stop over in Phoenix at the same motel—near 19th Avenue and Monroe Street—where police came looking for Eddison Noyola. 

Police say Noyola was wanted in connection to a shooting spree and kidnapping and considered a violent suspect. 

They came looking for Noyola and say they saw a man running away, jumping over fences and stealing a car. 

Police say the man refused to comply with orders, and officers perceived a threat and fired. 

However, afterward, instead of Noyola, they found the man they had shot was Rivera. 

"He's not a bad person. He loved his kids. Maybe he made bad choices in his life, but nothing to deserve to die like that," said Mejia. 

Rivera had multiple warrants out for a non-violent crime. Mejia says he ran because of those warrants, and because he was afraid of police. 

"Our type of people...lower income, you know? It's always easy [for us to be] misjudged. Everything can get turned around on us really quickly, you know what I mean? Nobody—not even him—nobody should have to ever have to be killed for no reason," said Mejia. 

Rivera also leaves behind three daughters, and two step-daughters, which he had with his ex-wife. 

His family has set up a Gofundme to raise money to pay to have Rivera's body transported back to California, where they live. 

Mejia says she and Rivera's family are considering filing a lawsuit against the Phoenix Police Department, and have had multiple organizations reach out to help them. 

Phoenix Police tell 12 News this is an ongoing investigation and maintain officers perceived a threat.