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'Green Ranger' pushing for change in security after Phoenix Comicon scare

The man who police say walked into Phoenix Comicon with the intent to kill officers and an actor pleaded not guilty to several charges on Tuesday.

PHOENIX - The man who police say walked into Phoenix Comicon with the intent to kill officers and an actor pleaded not guilty to several charges on Tuesday. Mathew Sterling of Mesa is charged with attempted murder, along with a slew of other crimes.

The incident forced police and the Phoenix Convention Center to ban prop weapons for the remainder of the event, and now other Comicons are heightening security as well.

"I feel safe at this show, and I feel safe at every show," Jason David Frank, known by many as the Green Ranger, said May 26. Police say Frank was Sterling's target that day.

"How did you get that gun in here?" Frank asked a fan at a comic book convention in Connecticut last week.

Frank posted a video online asking fans about security at these types of shows.

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He is now urging Comicon shows everywhere to heighten security in the wake of the near-deadly event in Phoenix.

In a Facebook post, Frank said, "I'm not going to let someone zip up my body bag... I won't and will not back down till every con is on the same page."

Also on Facebook, Frank confirmed he plans to attend Comicon in Washington D.C. Promoters there are heightening security which, according to the website is "in response to recent events."

The Las Vegas show later this month is also working on an updated security policy for the very same reason.

Back on May 26, Phoenix Comicon founder Matt Solberg said this incident should change security measures in the future.

"Now that something has happened, what are the results and improvements that we can make moving forward?" Solberg said.

While D.C. And Las Vegas are definitely changing their security measures, San Diego's show scheduled for late July is still working on an updated policy.

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