GLENDALE, Ariz. - Hundreds of students are taking math and applying it to real life, learning to do something most of us do several times a week.

On Monday, Challenge Charter School students like Grace Davis are cruising through Sprouts and learning how to be smart consumers.

The students are taking in one of the most important life lessons: finances.

Using real cereal, liquids and price scanners, Ridhi Chandrasekar and her classmates are celebrating the first-ever signing of the U.S. weights and measures law.

“We’re learning about price per pound," she said.

Cesar Rodriguez and other inspectors with the Arizona Department of Agriculture are showing them how he makes sure customers aren't getting cheated by products.

“We’re able to show them many different examples and we have more real-world examples with a hands-on possibility for them," he said.

In the end, more than 350 students from five schools across Arizona will get to share in this experience.