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Glendale man arrested, accused of shaking infant son

He called 911 when the boy went limp when he shook him a little bit "just to get his attention," he told police.
Alex Millard. (Photo: MCSO)

A Glendale man called 911 Sunday when his 2-month-old son became unresponsive after he picked him up aggressively, police documents show.

Alex Millard, 27, told Glendale Police Department investigators he shook the baby a little bit to get his attention, but he also added that he picked him up forcefully and later admitted he couldn't confirm whether he shook the boy or not.

Millard said that his other sons had gotten home while he was caring for the baby and were making noise. He was concerned that the baby was stirring, so he told them sternly to quiet down.

The baby continued to cry, and Millard told investigators he became more agitated. He admitted he's had anger issues in the past.

Millard faces a felony child abuse charge.