GLENDALE, Ariz. - Two brothers who bet big on a toy months ago are raking in the money after "Hatchimals" became the biggest craze of the holidays.

Hatchimals are furry interactive creatures that hatch themselves from a toy egg.

Mike and Stan Zappa spent $5,000 buying every Hatchimal they could find in October after Mike's daughter told him she wanted one for Christmas.

They ended up with 100 of them, betting they would be the next big thing for Christmas.

"Our family thought we were crazy," Mike Zappa said. "Our own father called us an idiot."

Fast forward to Black Friday, and the toys are sold out nearly everywhere.

The brothers said they've already made back their $5,000 investment, and still have 60 Hatchimals left to sell.

Hatchimals start at $60 retail, but the Zappas have put them on eBay and watched the bidding wars escalate to $200.

Some have complained that the brothers are getting rich off of the Christmas season. But they said it was purely a business decision.

"And the business decision is hopefully going to make my kid have a good Christmas," Mike said.

However, the Zappas have decided to give three of them away; two nationwide and one just for Arizona. Their Facebook page is asking for photos and stories showing how a Hatchimal would make a child's Christmas better.