PHOENIX — A Gilbert woman says she is thanking God after strong winds carried her neighbor's trampoline through her backyard before landing in the next house's pool Wednesday.

Sara Do says she was at the dentist with her children when she got a text from her eldest son that the trampoline that belonged to her neighbor to the west had flown through their backyard and into the pool of her neighbor to the east.  

"When I got home, I went upstairs and looked out my bedroom window and sure enough, I saw a full-size trampoline sitting in their swimming pool," Do said in a Facebook post.

Do wondered if her home's Nest camera caught any of the action. It did. 

In the video, you can see the trampoline barrel through Do's backyard. She said during its flight, the trampoline broke a play structure in her yard and damaged parts of her wall before landing in her next door neighbor's pool.

Do says she believes God was watching over her family because if they weren't at the dentist, her children would have been in the backyard, in the trampoline's path. 

"If we would not have had the dental visit, we would have come home after school like we do every single day and at that very moment it happened, my girls would have been out in our backyard playing," Do said. "Without a single doubt in my mind, my kids easily would have been killed."