PHOENIX – You've heard of the gender wage gap, but this isn't just happening in grown-up jobs. A new study shows it is also happening when it comes to kids and their allowance.

“I was surprised that we had such a gap,” Gregg Murset, the founder of BusyKid,an app that tracks your child’s chores and submits a direct deposit into their own bank account.

“I kind of describe our system as a kid’s first job,” he said.

BusyKid is almost 1-year-old. After reviewing the data of the company’s 10,000 customers, Murset and his team found parents tend to pay their boys more than girls.

“The going rate for a guy for a week’s worth of chores is almost 14 dollars,” he said, “and girls is right about seven dollars.”

Murset discovered two correlations as to why boys may get more.

“Boys seem to be given more strenuous chores,” he said. “I guess he would say mowing the lawn, trimming the trees and washing the car. The other thing really that we saw: boys were paid more for hygiene stuff, brushing your teeth, taking a shower.”

The app outlines all the chores expected and the amount of money a kid can receive when they complete a task. For example, every day a kid makes their bed they get 50 cents.

The app costs 15 dollars for a family for the entire year.

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