A Valley woman who had been homeless showed her gratitude on the corner of Central Avenue and Camelback Road in Phoenix on Tuesday.

Syri Gerstner held up a sign that read, "Don't need money. Have a job thanks to Family Promise of Greater Phoenix."

Gerstner and her family were homeless for 76 days and she has a message for others on the streets.

"You are not alone and even through the world seems that they don't care; there are people that do care," said Gerstner.

Family Promise is a program that provides supports for families to escape poverty.

"Our purpose is not to shelter and feed as many people as possible, but rather to have a lasting impact on families that go through our program," according to their website.

Gerstner says being homeless was the lowest point in her life and Family Promise not only find employment, but become a homeowner.

"It's as though you don't exist. It's as though that no one in the world can see you or feel you," said Gerstner. "It's scary to think that I'm not here; that I don't matter."

Gerstner plans on returning to the corner to show her gratitude again on Thursday, Dec.10.