If you really want to look and feel younger, up to 20 years younger, you have to go beyond the eye cream.

A Scottsdale doctor is transforming patients with a one-of-a-kind program and you could be next!

According to Dr. Raj Singh, the key to turning back the clock is putting these three things together: A detailed medical evaluation, a workout made just for you based on your results and a customized nutrition plan that's specific to your body's needs. This "turn back the clock" trifecta is the Wellness Program at Barrow Brain and Spine.

Before coming here, patient Astrid Corretjer wasn't herself. “Grumpy and my back was tight,” she said.

But now, “I feel like a 23-year-old,” she said.

At her first appointment with Dr. Singh a couple years ago, “he said, ‘ok, we're not going to treat your symptoms, we're going to find the root of your problem and we're going to solve your problem so you don't get the symptoms,’” said Corretjer.

“We learn as much as we can about the patient from testing, you won't believe how many things we find,” Dr. Singh said. “Just give you an example, there’s a test for diabetes called Hemoglobin A1c, even mildly abnormal test, very mildly abnormal test, can make a big difference in their health.”

"We go beyond the ordinary dietary recommendations, we're very specific to that patient's needs," Dr. Singh said.

"After the initial evaluation, they go into physical therapy. The physical therapist's role is to get them ready for fitness. Decrease their pain, decrease their muscle stiffness, get their posture to improve, then we get them into a more aggressive exercise program," he said.

“40 percent of the U.S. population over 65 years of age has three to five chronic illnesses. You can definitely prevent those and you can reverse some of that process definitely taking the clock back,” Dr. Singh said.

For Corretjer, “My biggest accomplishment was I hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim,” she said. “When you see that you can go back and do everything you really enjoy and everything you like without pain, feeling great, that is the best feeling.”

According to Dr. Singh, 30 days into the program you could expect improvement in energy and decrease in pain and stiffness and in the second month, improved muscle mass and weight loss.