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Father of baby murdered in Chandler: I will never have any firsts with my son

The baby's mother, 19-year-old Jenna Folwell, is accused of killing the 4-week-old boy and faking an abduction.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — The father of the 4-week-old baby killed after an abduction was staged in Chandler Wednesday spoke against the child's mother in court.

Speaking to a judge Thursday, 19-year-old Eric Canku said he wanted 19-year-old Jenna Folwell to serve the rest of her life in prison.

"I want her to have a life without parole. She can live every day knowing what she did to that poor innocent child," he said in court Thursday.

According to court documents, Folwell admitted to drowning her son in a bathtub Wednesday, but not before she reported he was abducted. She confessed after officers found the baby in a duffel bag in Folwell's apartment and seized her cell phone where they discovered she searched on the web for ways to kill her baby.

The father said the baby's name was Rainer. He said he was a "perfect baby with such a happy and peaceful demeanor."

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Canku said Folwell could have reached out to him and his family. He said they would have taken sole custody of the child. In a press conference Thursday, he said that he often reached out to Folwell and asked about her mental health. He said there was never anything that made him worry about her.

Credit: Chandler Police Department

Canku even said he saw Folwell the day before she allegedly killed their son.

"She seemed perfectly fine. She was smiling," he said.

During the press conference Thursday, Canku held one of Rainer's onesies. He said it is the only thing he has that still smells like him.

Canku said Folwell took away the best thing in his life.

"I will never get to have any firsts with my son. I won't be able to watch him walk and talk. I won't be able to watch him play catch or go fishing. I won't be able to even take him to school," the father said in court Thursday.

He ended his statement in court Thursday morning by saying the pain Folwell caused him has no definition.

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