GLENDALE, Ariz. — Edward Sanchez's dog, Nina, has been staring at the door ever since Saturday night. 

His sister, Charlene Jackson, is beside herself because she knows he is not coming home, but Nina has no idea. 

"Waiting for him to come through and he never did and she doesn't understand he's not going to again. She's his baby. He didn't have kids," Jackson said after setting up a memorial of candles at the intersection of grand and Myrtle Ave. 

That's the very spot where just 24 hours earlier, "Eddie," as they call him, was struck in the intersection by a Glendale Police patrol car turning left on a green arrow. 

In a statement, Glendale Police said, "Glendale Police Vehicular Crimes Detectives have responded to the scene and assumed the investigation, which is ongoing. There are no indications at this time that the officer was responding with light and/or sirens activated and the cause of the collision is still under investigation."

Sanchez's niece and nephew were following about a mile behind in another car and didn't see the collision itself, but did arrive in time to see the officer trying CPR. 

"We jumped out of the car and we ran. We saw him trying to hold onto his life," niece Danielle Jackson said after lighting one of the candles at the memorial. 

Danielle also said she did speak with a witness at the scene, who had a different story than the police. "One of the witnesses said the light was yellow and he was passing through when it was yellow, not when it was red," Danielle said. 

Sanchez lives in Los Angeles, and was just visiting for the holidays. The family said he was planning to head back home sometime this week. There is a way to help this family with funeral expenses, by searching for Charlene Jackson on Facebook.