PHOENIX - Pamela Hesselbacher would have turned 33 Thursday, according to her mom, Jody Kieran. Her family is still celebrating her birthday with cupcakes to help advocate for “Pam’s bill.”

The state proposal is HB 2522. If approved, it would allow felony charges on cases like Pam’s

On Nov. 12th, 2016, police say William Epperlein ran a red light and hit Hesselbacher and her two kids. The victims were on a crosswalk coming back from the park.

Hesselbacher died, and her children were seriously injured.

Despite having a suspended license and running a red light, Epperlein was only charged with a misdemeanor.

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A loophole in current Arizona law only allows for misdemeanor charges if a driver has a license that is suspended rather than revoked. Pam’s law would change that.

The house bill is currently in the process of approval in state Senate committees. It still has a few more steps before it makes it to Governor Doug Ducey’s desk for final approval, if it does make it that far.