A soldier in the Arizona National Guard allegedly shot his girlfriend to death and then turned the gun on himself Wednesday night.

Family of the victim, Katie Marie Johnson, gave 12 News their blessing to release her name. Now, Scottsdale police released the name of the shooter -- 35-year-old Jose Gualberto Rios.

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The Arizona Army National Guard confirmed that he was listed as an active staff sergeant.

12 News spoke one-on-one with a man who lives in the apartment directly above where the two lost their lives Wednesday night.

”Loud kind of thumping, bang,” said Chris Winslow. “I didn’t realize that shots had been fired.”

But they had. Rios unleashed, striking his girlfriend multiple times.

“These floors and walls aren’t going to stop bullets,” he said. “You think, where’s the least likely place of getting caught in the crossfire?”

Winslow was one of a number of residents in the complex police evacuated.

“Full tactical gear and it really felt like a war zone,” Winslow said.

“It was really terrifying,” said Michelle Heuck. “It was like 50 yards away from where I live.”

In the end, there wasn’t any immediate danger to nearby residents.

“The violence was done unfortunately,” Winslow said.

Sadly, it ended with two lives lost. Neighbors say it wasn’t the first time they heard arguing, just this time, it ended deadly.

“It seemed a lot of jealousy and anger there,” he said.

“I’m really sad for the family that it had to happen that way,” Heuck said. “My thoughts and prayers are out to you and I’m so sorry for your loss.”

On Friday, the Arizona National Guard plans to release more information about Rios.

As for the victim, the family has set up a go fund me page to help with funeral and celebration of life costs.
To help out, here’s the link: gofundme.com/tzwwuzzn.