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ADHS grants EoS Fitness approval to reopen despite no county meeting state benchmarks

An Arizona gym is open for business after the state grants them approval.

PHOENIX — All Arizona EoS Fitness locations have been reopened after the Arizona Department of Health Services approved their application. 

ADHS allowed EoS to resume business operations on the condition that they would take steps to ensure a safe and clean indoor fitness facility in compliance with state guidelines. 

The allowance for reopening has come before the state has met set benchmarks. The benchmarks include two weeks below 100 cases per 100,000 people, two weeks with a percent positivity rate below 10 percent and two weeks with hospital visits for COVID-like illness below 10 percent. 

Members will need to make reservations, complete a health screening, wear masks and sanitize equipment after using it, according to a statement by EoS Fitness. 

The application was approved following a court case prompted by Mountainside Fitness to reopen, but they are still in limbo along with other gyms, movie theaters, and bars.

Mountainside tweeted an update for members after EoS announced their reopening. 

ADHS released a statement in which they said: 

At close of business Friday, 95 bars serving food, 89 gyms and five movie theaters had submitted proposals for reopening. Thus far, two have been approved and four have been denied. Those that have been denied have the opportunity to request an Informal Settlement Conference with the Department. We will continue reviewing proposals as quickly as possible.

The approved plan submitted by EoS fitness includes limiting occupancy to 10%, requiring electronic reservations for all clients, and pausing group activities including group fitness, basketball court operations and kids club operations. EoS has posted further details on its website.

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