If you feel the need to share what you have with the less fortunate, here’s a way to give in a healthy way to change lives.

The holiday season is here, and many people get in the spirit of giving to the less fortunate. People might be giving with the best intentions, without knowing that it’s affecting negatively to those living on the streets.

Maricopa County is part of a campaign that promotes giving to the homeless in a way that can change their lives instead of contributing to keeping them on the streets.

Why is there a problem with helping the homeless?

By giving food, clothing, or other supplies to people on the streets, there are unintended consequences, such as wasted food, trash, unsanitary conditions and unsafe communities. Also, fewer people seek help from services available for them to get off the streets.

With a mission of helping people in the long run, the Healthy Giving Council, a group of concerned citizens, faith leaders, social services providers, business and government entities joined forces to make our community aware of best ways to give this holiday season and have a long-term impact.

How does the program work?

Healthy Giving is a program supported by Maricopa County and they work with different government entities around the Valley to give homeless people an opportunity to get off the streets. Services, such as affordable housing, sheltering services, mental health, justice support, employment opportunities and much more are being provided by the program.

How can I participate?

There are volunteering opportunities in different areas and all around the Valley.

If you’ll like to make a monetary donation, you can find all the entities in different areas that you can donate to.

If you’ll like to get more information on the program, visit Healthy Giving to make a long-term difference and not only during the holiday season.