BUCKEYE, Ariz. - Buckeye Police continue to investigate the disappearance of 10-year-old Jesse Wilson. The young boy was last seen at his home in July. His mom called Buckeye Police to report him missing and a massive search ensured.

12 News has now learned evidence collected at the home has been tested and the results have been sent to investigators. The director of the DPS Crime Lab confirmed the evidence was sent back to investigators at the end of January.

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The challenging part of this investigation is finding a solid piece of evidence from a home that could have several prints and DNA samples inside.

“It makes it really difficult to rely on forensic evidence like prints or DNA to reliably say or to paint a picture of what could have occurred.,” said Vince Figarelli.

Figarelli is the superintendent at the lab and overseas all the cases. He would not talk about the specifics of this case but acknowledged cases “like this” are often difficult.

“It really is something the laboratory can assist with, but as far as finding something that is definitive is really tough,” said Figarelli.

Buckeye Police have not said what sort of evidence was collected from the home or how many items were tested by the lab.

A spokesperson with the department would only say the case is “not a cold case” and that investigators continue to work it.

Levi Bolton is a 42-year police veteran and currently works at the Arizona Police Association.

Bolton does not know the details of the Wilson case but has investigated several missing person cases.

“In cases (like this) or very complicated ones or ones with very little information, these are marathons not sprints,” said Bolton.

12 News has learned investigators have not submitted this case to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

12 News will continue to follow the investigation and bring you the very latest information.