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Double your tax donation and help the homeless get healthcare

When it comes to health, there is no monetary amount that can come close to it in value. 

PHOENIX, Ariz.- When it comes to health, there is no monetary amount that can come close to it in value.

When you are homeless, both health and money are a desired luxury.

At Circle the City providing help for the homeless is a priority that takes time for both those seeking help and money for those providing it.

"People come to Circle the City from all over the place," says CEO Brandon Clark, "Our goal is to provide healthcare for those who need it, regardless of race, religion, sex or legal status."

That is exactly what they do, and John David Watson can attest to that. He is a patient that was recently released from the hospital and admitted to Circle the City because of his heart condition.

"My heart will never work the same because of my history of drug abuse," he tells 12 News. "I am on blood thinners because of my heart, Circle the City is a blessing in disguise, this place is always clean, and they take the time to fix you up, in every sense of the word."

It's not just healthcare that is provided for their guests and patients, they clothe, feed and care for those who need it, diminishing the possibility of failure.

"We live off of donations and grants, every dollar donated is used to care for those that need it," Clark says,"and right now, the state of Arizona will double your donation of up to more than 800 dollars for married couples as a tax write-off, we can really use that help."

Tours of their facility are available and recommended for those donors to see where their charitable dollars go, along with any questions one may have regarding donating to this organization.

You can learn more at www.circlethecity.org.