BUCKEYE, Ariz. — Two naked bodies lying face down were found in the Buckeye desert in 2007, and the investigation ended in a mystery.

Now, two Buckeye detectives are giving the cold case another look. The victims, 28-year-old Michael Martinez and 21-year-old Santana Monique Armijo were found just north of Interstate 10 near Varrado Way by a contractor who was passing by.

buckeye double murder cold case
Victims 28-year-old Michael Martinez and 21-year-old Santana Monique Armijo
Buckeye Police Department

“I miss her every day. Every day that goes by, it’s just not the same,” said Vanessa Camacho, Armijo’s cousin.

Investigators suspect the two were killed somewhere else and then dumped in the Buckeye area overnight.

Even 11 years later, Armijo’s family was shedding tears remembering their loss and asking the public for help finding answers.

“Somebody knows something. It’s just there were so many people involved in the case at the time, where it’s hard to narrow down the focus,” Detective Robert DeMaro said.

Detectives say that even one tip can help them solve the case, and they are looking for the public’s help.

Armijo’s family has remained optimistic over the years that they will find answers, hoping they will get justice for what happened.

“Every day having to know that they’re out there, they could be on the side of you at the grocery store, and you would not even know,” Camacho said.

But for now, the family has to deal with the unknown.